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Crystal Spirits

Chord Cutting Pack

R 479.00 R 379.00

Full Moon is the perfect time to cut chords, especially while connecting with the Black Moon Lilith Energy.

Are you suffering from a broken heart? Do you wish to cut cords with a past lover, so that you can move on with life - then this is the perfect kit for you.  

Perhaps there are family members, or friends that you need to distance yourself from , this crystal kit can be used over and over again for different emotional wounds and people that you need to release from your life.  Comes with full instructions on how to use the crystals, sacred oils and solid colour candles. 

We waste so much time with a broken heart, reliving the experience in our minds- creating fantasy and illusion of what was - instead of releasing, forgiving and moving on with our lives.  This kit will help you to release , perhaps forgive, but most definitely  move on to a new adventure.

You deserve it! ONLY 4 in stock!