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The Crystal Spirits

Clear Quartz Bridge

R 160.00

9 x 3.8cm

This is the most potent crystal and known as a master healer in the crystal kingdom world.

It helps attune you to your spiritual purpose here on planet Earth. It is extremely powerful and can be used as an energy amplifier. Placed in your home it acts as a spiritual air-conditioning unit- Cleansing and energising it's surroundings. You can place your other crystals around clear quartz - and its vibration will work with each and every crystal's energy.

Clear quartz resonates with all the chakras. It brings clarity into one's life and establishes a stronger connection with the crown chakra and those spiritual beings living on higher realms. It should be placed on altars and in prayer and meditation rooms. 

What is wonderful about clear quartz is that it can be programmed for a specific task . Once the goal or wish has been achieved the crystals can be cleansed and cleared and then reprogrammed. It is a wonderful crystal for those who love working with Mother Earth as quartz resonants strongly with her vibration.