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Crystal Spirits

Congo Citrine Generator

R 1,450.00


15cm x 5cm x 5cm

3 x Keys, elestiated and time link paralelogram on this special piece.

The red-orange color of the Burnt Sienna Congo Citrine indicates its affinity with the root chakra, normally associated with the color red in the Western chakra system, and with the second chakra, normally associated with the color orange in the Western system.

In addition, Burnt Sienna Congo Citrine works to energize the "hara" center, located about two fingers width below the navel, which is the location where the individual's "chi", "prana" or universal life force energy is stored. We call this rare and unique Burnt Sienna Congo Citrine "Chi Citrine" because of its amazing ability to replenish the body's storehouse of universal life force energy.

Chi Citrine works to equilibrate, cleanse and energize the root chakra and the second chakra, grounding the bearer, strengthening the bearer's self-confidence and sense of physical security, enhancing the sexual energy, the flow of kundalini, and the store of universal life force energy in the physical body.

Chi Citrine also activates, opens and energizes the third chakra, including the navel and solar plexus, stimulating both the physical body and the mind, increasing endurance and elevating energy levels while promoting emotional balance (unlike other stimulants such as caffeine). Citrine is an excellent stone for clearing the aura of negative emotions, which are often associated with and stored in the solar plexus, stomach and third chakra region.