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Crystal Spirits

Crazy Lace Agate

R 45.00

Our nomadic ancestors in ancient times made healing and protective amulets from this stone, which we now know as crazy lace agate. They found that it prevented accidents during travel and helped strengthen the body, orient the mind, and bring peaceful calm to the bearer. 

Crazy lace agate is a happy stone. It is known as the laughter stone, or Happy Lace. This stone is energizing and yet soothing. It vibrates at a lower frequency than other gems and thus brings YOUR personal energy to a more attuned and grounded frequency, helping you stay present in the moment while also feeling safe, secure, and well. The unique and swirling pattern brings a circular flow of energy which is stimulating for mind and body. And in palm stone shape these are wonderful to carry with you in a pocket or wallet. And they are easy to hold discreetly while you are working or studying and feel in need of stimulation.