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Crystal Spirits

Crystal Spirits Feng Shui Kit- Centre #6- Money

R 699.00

  • Gold Frog Tea Light
  • Pack of incense  
  • Incense and incense holder 
  • Perspex grid with power symbol
  • Six small gold buddhas
  • Wealth crystal collection.
  • Space clearing spray.

The 6 Star heaven activator for wealth 
Includes a gold toad  tea light  for abundance and prosperity. 
Comes with pack of tea lights Light candles frequently throughout the year.
Incense and incense holder . The square perspex  grid enhances the energy of the centre together with a sacred symbol for power(instructions in pack)
Six small gold buddhas for abundance and wealth - to connect to the energy of 6.
Wealth crystal collection. Sacred spray created for The Crystal Spirits  - to cleanse all negativity in your home or office.  

Investment: R699

Please be aware that we have only 15 of these kits in stock. . So make sure you order quickly to avoid disappointment. You also want to place your Feng Shui Cures and enhancers in your home as quickly as possible. This is a wonderful year for expansion and growth. Do not miss out!