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Crystal Spirits

Decorate Your Soul Kit

R 775.00

Reading this poem below I was inspired to create this simple ritual to connect with one’s inner self - simply to love yourself more. 

We tend to become so enmeshed with a someone, our career,  or family duties that we forget to create time for ourselves. Recharge our batteries and take care of our well being. When we look around we have become clingy, needy, disempowered and all of these emotions lead to disenchantment and inevitably the relationships we have change. Before more chaos ensues - it is time to step back and put everything into perspective.

This two part ritual is about taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. Not blaming, complaining or trying to change someone else. It is rather about releasing and letting go that which is undesirable in your life. The first part is about releasing. The second part about activating what you wish or desire.  This grid can be used over and over again throughout the coming months.

The only thing we can change is ourselves - and the moment we do that - everything has to change around us. This is one of the laws of the Universe.  Hope you enjoy the crystal grid ritual.

Pantry list

  • fireproof dish./abalone dish. R100.00
  • Sage smudge bundle for cleansing R49.00
  • 2 White Shrine candles - for the purity of light R10.00
  • 2 Pink shrine candles   R10.00
  • Incense for self love      R25.00
  • * 2 printed Photos of yourself
  • Celestite crystal to detoxify. R90.00
  • Clear quartz point to activate your grid. R190.00
  • Three tumbled pink rose quartz. R15.00
  • Three blue sodalite crystals.  R15.00
  • Activation wand.  R 90.00
  • 6 hematoid  quartz points. R180.00

Total : R774.00

Reward points only Value : 7740