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Crystal Spirits


R 239.00

Merlinite, as the name implies, is the stone of the wizard. And these merlinite spheres from Madagascar are some of the highest grade I’ve ever seen. It’s been a long time since we’ve had merlinite of this quality in the shop. I particularly love that merlinite combines feldspar (same family of stone as moonstone and labradorite) with quartz. Together, they represent inner knowing plus a magnification of power and intensity that is rare and unique to this special, and naturally beautiful stone. The deeper magic of these merlinite spheres A gem of the Indigo Ray or Third Eye energies, merlinite is the stone of the Higher Self. It activates both the Crown and Third Eye Chakras to bring you into contact with your inner knowing, your priestess self, and all your spirit guides. Merlinite is known as the wizard’s stone because it has the power to invoke deep magic. And in sphere form, these pieces radiate their magic in all directions simultaneously. If you are holding space for others, if you are a priestess or ritual worker, these are the stones for you – and our planet needs you now more than ever. These are perfect for placing at the center of a planetary healing grid. Heal the world. Heal yourself. We are all One. Get a sphere stand here, if you need one.