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Crystal Spirits

Double terminated Purple dyed agate

R 180.00

The double terminated ( having two definite points at either end ) energy of the crystal completes the energy flow integration both in and out of the person working with it. This crystal formation creates balance as it integrates spirit and physical matter providing a bridge between the two.

Purple dyed agate crystal energy

  • the energy of this stones enhances concentration and analytical abilities
  • It overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart
  • Allows one to accept ones-self
  • A very grounding stone - brining one back to Earth
  • Great for indigo’s and young children
  • Will stabilise the aura and transform negativity
  • Leads to  spiritual growth

Sterling silver clasp around  purple dyed agate crystal with a 45cm length silver plated chain.

Price per pendant, comes with free costume jewellery chain.