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Crystal Spirits

Dragon Chasing Pearl

R 145.00

The  double coiled Dragon chasing pearl statue is an extremely powerful cure and enhancer for the annual #8 wealth star in 2020 and should be placed in the northwest to ensure wealth and career are protected and enhanced throughout the year of the Rat. Both of the coiled dragons can be seen holding pearls in their hands which is a symbol of wealth, power and protection. The pearl is also seen as a symbolisation of the area it is placed, showing it is protecting the occupants of the building it has been placed in. To fully benefit from the influence of the coiled dragons, I would place this against a wall, looking into the room aimed towards the centre of the home or front door.

The Dragon is a symbol of strong yang/male energy and is especially important as the northwest affects the eldest male of the home or business and also any male in general during 2020.  if you cannot place it here, you can place it in the southeast, west or northeast. This is an extremely powerful cure, especially in the northwest to protect existing wealth and business and also create new wealth and business prospects throughout 2020.

The Dragon is one of the most commanding and sacred figures in Feng Shui and is known to be a symbol of protection of wealth and career. It reputedly has absolute power and symbolises honour, power and all that is right in the world. Dragons can be used as a strong Cure to enhance fame and career prospects and can also be placed near a door or window in order to guard your wealth and health in your home and office.

2020 Placement Instructions

As of 4th February 2020, the  double coiled Dragon chasing pearl statue should be placed in the northwest of your home or office or the northwest area of an important room like an office, bedroom, living room etc. if you cannot place the Dragons in the northwest, you can place them in the southeast, west or northeast.