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Crystal Spirits

Dragon Chasing Pearl Charm

R 95.00

This is a very important cure for female breadwinners !! 

The Dragon is a crucial guardian against unexpected financial losses, prevents outflow of money, helps avoid difficulties and improve your fortune and luck in 2020. It also brings out the glory for the breadwinner, or the female of the family or business.

 For all north facing houses this cure is very important to place near your front door. It will assist in protecting you against the argumentative star.

If you front door faces east - place the gold dragon here, or better still a pair of them. They will face the #5 star of misfortune and protect you against its negative energy. Always light incense here.

You can also place the dragon on a window sill facing outward to protect you against negativity. Great for office where you will need protection against petty backstabbing and gossip this year.

2020 Placement Instructions

As of the 4th of February 2020, this cure should be placed in the north of your home or office or the north of an important room like an office, bedroom, living room etc. Also very important to hang near your front door if north facing.