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Crystal Spirits

Bixi Dragon Headed tortoise

R 0.00 R 295.00

+-11cm(w) x 10cm (h)

The Dragon and Tortoise are both celestial creatures and are used in the principle teachings of Feng Shui. Having two of the four celestial creatures in your home will offer extremely powerful protection and growth during the year of the Rat, for all occupants of the home or business, especially the youngest female and all females in general.

Traditionally, the Dragon headed Tortoise would have been used in an emperor’s palace to bring longevity and respect to the emperor. The Dragon headed Tortoise would also be placed in the working-class homes to bring unity and health to the family. In more recent years, this cure has been used to promote luck, wealth, studies and overall happiness in a home or office. The baby tortoise on the back of the Dragon headed Tortoise symbolises wealth, longevity and happiness for the younger generation of the home or business, making this an extremely potent cure for all occupants of the home or office.

We have the annual #9 future wealth star fly into the west in 2020 and will need to place a strong enhancer to ensure that future wealth is protected and enhanced for the year of the Rat. The perfect cure and enhancer for the annual #9 star is to place a Bixi Dragon headed Tortoise sitting on a bed of coins and wealth ingots in the west of your home or office to ensure that both existing and future wealth is protected and enhanced over the next year.

2020 Placement Instructions

As of 4th February 2020, the Bixi Dragon headed Tortoise should be placed in the west of your home or office or the west area of an important room like an office, bedroom, living room etc. This is an extremely powerful cure, especially in the west to protect existing wealth and business and also create new wealth and business prospects throughout 2020.