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Crystal Spirits

Archangel Michael Gateway Amethyst Egg

R 320.00

80g 4.5cm x 3cm

We were so blessed to receive a few of these beautiful eggs, and have kept them hidden charging under a copper pyramid .They are unique in their formation.   The inner being and vibration of this crystal has created a gateway for you to pass through. This is a perfect chance for you to connect with  St Germain or Archangel Michael.

To use the energy of this sphere, create sacred space and slow down your breathing while allowing time for you to connect to the divine. When you use gateways to access divine guidance you block yourself off from subtle intrusion and enhance your meditation.

The gates are located at the top of your head or crown chakra running down to behind your ears to the base of your skull - above your spine. The gateway egg has the ability to help you to access your gatekeepers at your metaphysical gates . Your gatekeeper will allow your guide or angel to make contact. Knowing you can trust your gateway egg will give you the confidence  to work with this energy. It is complex but perfect for a person who has been working with crystals for awhile. The egg can also help healers to access information to help their clients - through trauma or problems in  life.

Once sacred space has been created settle in a chair where you will not be disturbed. Breathing techniques will relax you. Anoint the angel oil on your third eye and on the bones that sit behind your ears. Hold your amethyst gateway eggs and ask that the crystal work with you on this cosmic journey. Bring attention to yourself and be fully in the present moment while you reach out to your gatekeeper. You will sense they are there. You might receive a message or visual of what your gatekeeper looks like. Spend time getting to know them. Don't rush the journey. When you have connected fully with your gatekeeper ask that he open the gates so that you can receive messages from the Angel Michael, or St Germain. You can use the violet flame mantra if you wish

Make sure that when you come out of this meditation you close the gates together with your gatekeeper and that you sheath yourself in a protective bubble of light.  Ground yourself back into your body and connect through the soles of your feet into Mother Earth.

For those that wish to amplify this meditation - you can place an apophyllite on your crown chakra while holding your amethyst gateway egg. Always protect yourself after this meditation by enclosing yourself in a bubble of light and grounding back to mother earth. 

Wear black crystals for protection when you are in social situations. Spray purification or angel Michael spray over your aura throughout the day. Use the angel oil whenever you meditate . Make sure your sphere is always placed in a bag with an inner of black silk, sprinkles of dried lavender can be added - and that you smudge your crystal  regularly. Three nights before the full moon is a perfect time to cleanse and recharge its energies. Don't allow others to touch your amethyst gateway egg - it is a sacred tool.