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Crystal Spirits

Faden Quartz Pendants

R 349.00

Love the energy of a Faden Quartz - it is so gentle, nurturing and stable.

This crystals energy unifies the self, encouraging fragmented soul-parts to reintegrate.  It will heal broken trust and facilitate emotional autonomy and intimacy, encouraging loving yourself. 

Perfect crystals for those who are suffering from a failed relationship where their trust has been broken and their confidence eroded. It can also heal  families who are overcoming conflicts and healing breaks within their tribe. Great for a Matriarch to wear to anchor and hold the energy pattern of the family. 

It is said that a Faden Quartz connects the  “silver chord” that tethers the etheric body to the physical. It protects the soul in the physical form. Gentle energy for all light workers - and light -walkers on planet Earth.

Comes with free stainless steel chain