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Crystal Spirits

Focused and Fabulous Pack

R 149.00

This pack will assist you to release self imposed limitations. It will protect your aura from negative energies, ignite your intuition, help you with decision making and keep you focused. 

Wear the crystals close to your skin during the day - place in a small bowl of raw, uncooked brown rice overnight to cleanse the energies of the crystals . You can change the rice once a month. Use the stones individually or as a ritual kit.

Indian Moonstone

Wear when you need to  make intuitive decisions, and start new projects whether personal or with regards to your career.  Stone for new beginnings - and the ultimate Goddess Stone, connecting with the moons ever changing energy. Sleep with it under your pillow for dream magic .Make sure you cleanse this stone regularly . Always cleanse and charge in the Full moons energy.

Indian Moonstone meditation:

Place on your solar plexus while meditating -so that it can draw out old emotional wounds and patterns that need to be dissolved. Works exceptionally well on a Full Moon night. After the meditation write your negative emotions, sadness and disillusionment down on a piece of paper - then burn it and release the worries to the Universe.

Australian Shamanic stone:

This stone will help you get your mojo back !! Mook Jasper  will ignite the passion and purpose you have been missing.  Procrastination becomes a thing of the past. Helps release blockages and limitations created by perfection, lack of confidence and self imposed limitations. It awakens the inner knowing of what direction to take .


This stone will protect you while boosting your immune system. It increases confidence and inner strength. This stones energy will help detoxify negative thoughts and assist you to stand in your own “ thought-power” . Great for women that feel overwhelmed in the work place.


This stone will enhance your feelings of self worth and release emotional wounds that stop you from moving on. Focuses attention on the present, helping you distance yourself from past difficulties.

Unakite Meditation:

To calm your erratic emotions and resolve inner turmoil. Hold one Unakite on your solar plexus and one on your heart chakra. Breathe quietly and  just allow the thoughts to come and go.   Focus on your breathe. Relax like this for 8 or so minutes. Cleanse your crystals afterwards by smudging with sage or placing in a pot of raw brown rice.


Keeps you calm and peaceful.  Stabilises your emotions. Protects you by amplifying your aura. Balances the thymus and helps with stress related issues. Clears away toxic emotions . Wear daily as it brings luck !

Rutilated quartz 

This stone connects with your Higher Spiritual Guides. It is a must to hold, or place on your third eye when making important life altering choices. When you are feeling depressed hold it in your left hand to receive its mood lifting qualities. Wear close to the skin  it will brings joy to the heart!