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Crystal Spirits

Garnet in Limestone DT Pendant

R 180.00

Aids in better blood circulation - Garnet in limestone aids circulation. Garnet in limestone can also regulate many blood-related issues. 

Awakens first chakra - Garnet in limestone is associated with the first chakra. It is a stone of physical love and properties. Garnet in limestone is a spiritual stone of psychic properties.

Reduce chances of inflammation - Garnet in limestone has the property to reduce the chances of inflammation. Garnet in limestone can also reduce inflammation by stimulating the hemoglobin count.

Helps enhance your thoughts and ideas - Garnet in limestone is a gemstone which can be helpful to you to change your old behaviors, habitual thoughts and ideas. It can also be useful to boost your self-confidence. Garnet in limestone regenerates the body. It is also helpful in regulating metabolism.

Kindles courage and hope - Garnet in limestone also helps in bringing up courage and hope. Garnet in limestone also treats disorders of the spine. It also helps in treating bone, cellular structure, and composition.

Apart from the above points, this stone helps you to achieve your goals which can be further helpful to change your life and decisions. It can purify the heart, lungs, blood, and regenerated DNA. It also boosts the immune system. It can also help in re-energizing your energy levels. 


Price per pendant, comes with free costume jewellery chain.