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Crystal Spirits

Goddess Goodies

R 295.00

Includes Lulu McMara's How To Be An Urban Goddess, an Ametrine stone and a journal.

GORGEOUS tumbled Ametrine are stones cut from the boundary where Amethyst and Citrine meet. Such a special blend of two gems that bring unique beauty in this rare and special combination.  Amethyst of course is the stone of peace and balance, of finding sobriety and sanity in the midst of chaos. Citrine brings abundance and manifestation energies. This is your stone if you’re trying to create a balanced AND blessed life.

How To Be an Urban Goddess is the perfect easy read for a lady looking to improve on all aspects of her life, whether it be love, work or play. During your journey on the road to becoming an Urban Goddess we suggest journaling your progress which is why we have included this pretty, and nifty journal.