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Crystal Spirits

Gold Metal Yin Yang Three Legged Toad- South East

R 195.00

This frog brings the energy of the metal element  - to cut through the star of tragedy in the Southeast  and brings wealth to this important area of your home. The yin yang crest reminds you to keep balance with regard to your emotions and choices throughout 2021. Place this frog facing inwards bringing the money into your home .  Place the Chinese coin yang side up ( 4 symbols on the face of the coin) under your frog - so it can protect your investments. You can also place the frog and coin in a bowl filled with money and crystals and your wish list for abundance. A salt lamp left burning 24/7 next to the frog would enhance the positive energy. 

This frog has been smudged and cleansed can be used next year - all you do is move it to a different area in your home. 

Please be aware that we have only 18 of these kits in stock due to Covid and the lack of imports. So make sure you order quickly to avoid disappointment. You also want to place your Feng Shui Cures and enhancers in your home  as soon as possible.   THis is a wonderful year for expansion and growth . Do not miss out!