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Crystal Spirits

Green Amethyst Sterling Silver Pendant

R 350.00

Praisolite for the woman who likes unusual. 
Comes with free costume chain 

Beginning as purple Amethyst and having transformed through fire - transformed within- Prasiolite represents a physical metaphor for what  must be accomplished as human evolution.

We are, as beautiful light workers,  called to pull the purple ray of Spirit into manifestation into the physical world though the green ray of the heart. Prasiolite  assists those who are ungrounded connect with `Mother Earth - while it stimulates those who are overly concerned with Earthly matters to open to Spirit.

Prasiolite assists in bringing spiritual  ideals into expression into  everyday life. Prasiolite It reminds one that we should bless and love others. And that, most of all -  we are blessed and love by all.

It is the stone of Namaste