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Crystal Spirits

July Spiritual Tool Box

R 894.00 R 469.00

July Spiritual Tool Box 
  • Sacred crystal Gemstone bracelet- specifically created for the energies of this month July’s moons and planets
  • Sacred oil for July 
  • Incense to cleanse
  • Incense to manifest 
  • Incense holder 
  • White candle 
  • Black candle 
  • Lilac candle  
  • Three packaged infused bath salts 
  • White Howlite 
  • Rose quartz 
  • Amethyst 
  • Congo citrine 
  • Tumbled Unakite 
  • Yellow jasper 
  • Rough African carnelian
  • Brown rice and cleansing bag
  • Journal 
  • Super Full moon in Capricorn ritual  
  • New Moon in Leo ritual pdf
  • Journal Assignments  
  • Monthly assignments and highlights of important dates 
Value R 894.00 less 50%
Investment : R469.00 

Welcome to the month of July 2022 - it is super intense and even though you are going through winter and it is chilly outside - the vibrations all around you are fiery.  

This is a month to clear out the cobwebs. To open those hidden recesses deep within your mind and your heart - and to release and let go.

It is a month for embracing the truth - even though it might not be what you want to hear or accept. Anything unresolved that you have not faced in the past months - unfortunately - will - with the energies of this month - rise and simmer close to the surface. Things will become volatile.

 However - knowing this - you can pre-empt things - by balancing and controlling your own energies. You can also focus and know what you want to release and let go of - and what you want to manifest in the near future . We have just celebrated Winter Solstice - so we all know that things are starting to ignite and rebirth. We have a whole “ seasonal new year ‘ ahead of us to create what we truly desire.  

For a new seed to sprout - we must first make sure that the land is clean, the weeds plucked out and it has been composted to receive this new seed . We cannot plant a new tree in a hole - where the old tree resides. We have to remove the old tree, the hurts and wounds from the past - prepare the area and plant the new tree - the new you to rebirth a new life - the magical one you truly want.

The first week in July is going be challenging to say the least - don't wish it away - rather use it as a healing process. It’s a time to cleanse toxic habits, relationships that need attention and health issues. It’s a time to reflect on your life especially with regard to your health. If you have been thinking of going on a detox diet now is the time.

Health issues not only take form from the food you eat - but also the emotional wounds and anger you carry around inside you. So make sure you treat yourself in a holistic manner.  

We have created a July spiritual toolbox with you in mind . If you have energetically connected with the vibration of this spiritual toolbox - then you are on a journey of self discovery. Its simple and straightforward - all you need is commitment to embrace your uniqueness.  

You will find two moon rituals connecting with the full moon and the new moon of this month. Extra days will be highlighted for you to do other assignments that will invoke inner healing and soul searching. Included is a mini meditation for a financial panic attack - it will calm you down quickly, there is a crystal body layout to connect to past emotional wounds, an aura cleansing bath ritual and a journal to document your journey.

Have fun - cry if you must - but most of all embrace the unique beautiful you.

I really Hope you enjoy your July Spiritual Toolbox.