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Crystal Spirits

Karma Releasing Kit

R 169.00


  • Black and Pink Candles
  • Unblocker Incense
  • 9 Rough Rose Quartz Pieces
  • Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Meditation CD for cutting chords

Time to release and let go of the baggage of the past. All the negativity, emotional wounds and hurt that you carry deep within your heart and soul. Light the black candle and the Unblocker incense. Lie on the carpet. Place one rose quartz above your head, 2 either side of your shoulder, 2 either side of your knees and one in-between your feet. One on your heart chakra. Hold the other two in your hands. Lie like that while listening to the guided meditation cd. Light the pink candle and love incense whenever you are journaling or simply sitting contemplating life.