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Crystal Spirits

Kua Directions 2020

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The feng shui kau numbers are helpful when you work on creating good feng shui. Basically you would rather face your positive direction -then the 4 negative direction that will bring loss and ill health. You can go on the kua calculator websites - log in your birthdate and it will calculate auspicious direction.  


This Feng Shui article has been written to provide a general guide of the influences expected for the coming year. We are not a medical or legal professional giving you advice.

If you are suffering from any illness or financial and legal problems please make an appointment with a professional in this field to give you the correct advice pertaining to the matter.

Feng Shui is an extremely powerful philosophy that has been practiced for the many centuries . However, like any alternative therapy you should always seek the advice of a professional.

The Crystal Spirits shall not have any liability nor responsibility to any person or company with respect to loss or damage caused by the alleged advice given in these articles. The techniques and advice is to be used at the readers own discretion and liability.


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