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Crystal Spirits

Kuan Yin Protection Bell

R 195.00

A must have cure for all females who live alone, run their own businesses or are in high powered positions.

Kuan Yin is considered the protector of women, children, sailors, fishermen, anyone in trouble, the sick, disabled, and the poor.She is worshipped as a Goddess of Mercy and viewed as a great healer. She is a protector of women and children and is believed to be able to grant children to those women who desire them and cannot conceive

This astonishing cure and enhancer carries a special charm to turn bad into good. This is one of the most protective cures you can use and also a powerful cure for the #2 star that falls into the south sector in 2020.

The #2 black Flying Star that falls into the  south in 2020  is said to bring accidents, financial loss and disasters of all kinds. This charm is said to capture the bad energy and transform it into useful energy.

2020 Placement Instructions

As of the 4th of February 2020, this cure should be placed in the south of your home or office or the south area  of an important room like an office, bedroom, living room etc.