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Crystal Spirits

Labradorite Generator with Butterfly Sheen

R 340.00

+- 10cm high 4.5gm wide

Used in rituals, sacred ceremonies, and astral travel, labradorite is a go-to stone for new beginnings, as well as cosmic and spiritual rebooting. A powerful stone of the Third Eye Chakra, labradorite stimulates inner awareness and voyages into the inner realm. If you need a do-over, or if you’re setting intentions in the darkness of the New Moon, this is your ally. Like the Hermit in the Tarot, labradorite helps light the path, illuminating the night sky to help you see your way through challenges.

When shaped into a generator, the magic becomes even more heightened and direct. Generators are towers of energetic possibility, pointed on one end and flat on the other to stand grounded while pointing skyward – projecting your intentions, desires, prayers, wishes, love, and light up toward Source for the Highest Good of all. We recommend working with your labradorite generator at the New Moon. Close your eyes and envision your deepest dreams for the month ahead. Crystallize your vision down to the finest detail of what you wish to create, and imagine it as if it’s already happening in your life. Then, thank your guides and ancestors for their support, and get ready for the magic to unfold.