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Crystal Spirits

Labradorite Pillars

R 350.00

190g from 110g up. 
Size around 7x5x2cm

These gorgeous labradorite pillars capture the beauty and brilliant chatoyant flashes of this gemstone, its darkness, and sparkle all at once. Labradorite is the go-to stone of new beginnings, for cosmic and spiritual rebooting. If you need a do-over, or if you’re setting intentions in the darkness of the New Moon, this is your gemstone ally. Like the Hermit in the Tarot, labradorite helps light the path, illuminating the night sky and helping you see your way through challenges.

Once you start working with labradorite, you’ll wonder how you ever did magical and spiritual work without it. These pillars are perfect for your New Moon grid or altar space. Keep it close by to remind you that even in the deepest darkness, there is always light. It is in you. And it will show you the way.