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Crystal Spirits

Large Moonstone Crystal Pendulum

R 320.00

Rainbow moonstone is the stone of the Goddess and connects with divine feminine energy within your sacred soul. It is a powerful healing stone that activates your soul star chakra and connects you to the stars and other dimensions. This makes is perfect for divination tool when you wish to receive direction from the powers above. 

A pendulum is a divination  tool which connects with the spiritual realm or your higher self to gain answers when you are blocked, confused or simply need guidance on what to do. Pendulums have been around for centuries and where know as dowsing tools.

The key to working with this spiritual tool is to build a relationship with its energies. The more you work with it  - the more it works for you. To begin ask the pendulum “What does my “ yes “ look like ?” See which way it swings. Then ask what  “no” and  “ don't know  “ looks like . If you feel uncertain about this method then use our exclusively created pendulum boards.  Once you have received these answers and seen which way your pendulum swings - you are on your way to developing a rapport with it. Allow your pendulum to connect with your guides and your higher self. 

Cleanse with our unique Pendulum spray.