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Crystal Spirits

Lemon Chrysoprase Tumbled

R 30.00

Lemon Chrysoprase crystal is thought to be a powerful stone to bring good fortune and prosperity, as well as business success. It can bring happiness by diminishing negative thoughts, irritability and aids positive self growth. This stone also encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships.

Lemon Chrysoprase enhances perception, encourages feelings of trust and security. It can instill wisdom, self-confidence, help to release emotional stress and encourages compassion, loving acceptance and kindness. It is a soothing stone for those suffering from the pangs of love Lemon Chrysoprase healing crystal is used in healing and spirituality.  The healing properties include soothing depression, and it is also said to help treat ailments of the heart. Lemon Chrysoprase is good for the liver, and for detoxification and elimination, aids hormone imbalance and soothes the digestive system. Lemon Chrysoprase is said to help increase fertility and other sexual imbalances.