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Crystal Spirits

Let Loose- The Law Of Attraction In Action Episode X - Ester & Jerry

R 49.00

"You are as free as you allow yourself to be by virtue of the thoughts you think." In episode ten of this wildly popular series, Abraham continues to astonish, elucidate and entertain! Topics include: fate, fortune-telling, learning to just enjoy life, the blissful energy of meditation, teaching tough kids, lawsuits, pets, workplace freedom, and "Why don't the Hicks charge less money so more people can benefit?" "You did not come into this life experience to get it done. You didn't come for marks on the chart. You didn't come to get things done so that you could look back and say, 'Look what I did!' You continue to be an Eternal Being because it feels ever so good to feel life flowing through you." - Abraham