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Crystal Spirits

Lodestone Pair

R 60.00

Always sold in pairs- this listing is R60 for 2

Known also by another name, magnetite, is the stone of attraction. Its natural magnetism draws energies to it, attracting and capturing positivity. As a result, lodestone is also a stone of manifestation. It is a potent stone, one that pulls in what it is you most desire. Lodestone will bring whatever you seek in your life — and it’s excellent at attracting abundance and prosperity. Lodestone is also beloved by many for its grounding power. It is stable, connected to the Earth and just as magnetic at pulling its bearer’s chakras into alignment. This stone’s steady nature, in turn, connects the holder to truth and honesty. With lodestone, energy flows freely. Place it inside your purse, in your place of business, or wherever you feel called, to encourage the flow of bountiful energy as you need it.