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Crystal Spirits

Love & Sensuality Roller Oil

R 129.00


Infuses you with love attracting energy

Our oils are made with pure essential oils and jojoba carrier oil, each bottle is made within sacred space and left on an altar to purify and consecrate it.

To work with the oils, you would align your personal energy to that of the power of the oil, this is simply done by holding the bottle, removing the cap, and for a few moments allowing the scent of the oil to be breathed in. while doing this, use visualisation and focus on the purpose (Love, Wealth, Empowerment, etc. written on the oil).

Once the connection is made, apply a small amount of oil to your wrist to link your energy to that of the bottle.

 There are a few ways you can work with them but follow your inner guidance:

Candle Dressing:

1. You can "dress" your candles with a small amount of oil by rubbing a small amount on your fingers.

2. while visualising your purpose, start from the center of the candle rub the oil to the base and then flip it over and rub from the center to the tip. (This is called dressing the candle)

what this does is it Mixes your energy with the power of the Oil and the color of the candle which through visualisation directs the energy to your goal.

 Anointing Oil:

Love and Sensuality: Infuses you with love attracting energy

 Bath Oil:

add a drop to your bath, and soak for 20min,

do not dry yourself off with a towel, simply air dry to hold on to the energy. or simply add the oil to the wrists after a warm bath.

Amulets, Talismans, Crystals etc.

You may also use the oil on amulets, talismans, crystals, etc to Empower them and your rituals and ceremonies.

 Feel free to explore and adapt, and most importantly set your intention, and visualise your goal, this activates the oil and allows it to empower your energies