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Crystal Spirits

Love...What's Personality Got To Do With It?: Working at Love to Make Love Work by Carol Ritberger

R 120.00

In this groundbreaking book by Carol Ritberger, you’ll discover the important role that personality plays in how we define love, what love means to us, and why the expression of love can be so different that it frequently leaves us asking, “How can relationships work at all?”

This book will help you understand that just because you and your mate see things differently doesn’t mean that one is right and the other wrong. It will give you suggestions, helpful hints, and do’s and don’ts to help you create and sustain a mutually satisfying relationship—one where each person gets their love needs met without feeling compromised.     The best reason for reading this book is that it will help you understand that when it comes to LOVE . . . personality has everything to do with it.