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Crystal Spirits

Love Your Inner Goddess Express Your Divine Feminine Spirit Alana Fairchild

R 460.00

Features 5 Uplifting Goddess Dance Tracks & 5 Empowering Goddess Meditations

Loving your inner goddess means giving back to you, as you learn how to nurture yourself. Explore sacred feminine play and healing as your inner goddess shines and shows you how to respect yourself, feel vital and enjoy your unique beauty.

Awaken and express your divine feminine spirit with these fun, quick and enjoyable techniques to nourish your soul and enhance your emotional wellbeing. Your loved-up inner goddess will inspire you to:

· Express yourself authentically
· Be empowered and self-confident
· Ignite your creativity
· Trust your intuition
· Feel attractive and radiant (that’s your inner goddess glow!)
· Shine with positive energy

Enjoy music, meditation, sacred rituals and spiritual guidance as you discover the powers of your inner goddess. Celebrate the exotic, empowered goddess within you!