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Crystal Spirits

Laser Lemurian Smokey Wand

R 420.00

180g 12 x 3 x 3 cm 

Lemurian crystals often come in a wand type shape. They usually have striations or appear rough with some of their markings. Their energy is fine and light. They are a rare delight to work with.
They are extremely powerful and effective healers. Their energy cleanses and repairs auric fields, chakras, and meridians. They can be used for long distant healing  - and are extremely powerful laser wands. You can use them to send out energy on whatever it is you wish to focus.
By unlocking the striations with your fingers you can release the hidden knowledge and energy in the wand. Lore behind Lemurian crystals is that they were planted in Mother Earth by ancient Lemurians many moons ago in order to “ seed” future generations with their hidden information.
What is so interesting is that Lemarian crystals are all energetically connected to each other. 
It is thought that each crystal contains unlocked mysteries to our ancient wisdom that can be accessed through the horizontal markings on the side of the crystal. 
Smokey quartz vibration