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Crystal Spirits

Mandarin Duck Marriage Protection Kit for 2022

R 399.00

This is a crucial cure for any home in 2022- if you want to maintain and protect your marriage. 

There are three tigers walking through this year 2022- three means that there is the possibility that other people might interfere in your marriage and relationship. If there were one or two tigers in the Past Chee chart- we wouldn’t have to worry- but three could lead to trouble. You need to negate this energy. 

We have created a cure to help you. Place this in the South West area of your bedroom or home. Mandarin ducks are an ancient Feng Shui enhancer for love relationships. The symbol underneath is a talisman to enhance the energies. The faceted crystal activates the light and the small black tourmalines protect you both, while the pink girasol keeps your heart chakras open.  

The picture is clear enough to follow with regard to how it should be placed. It is important that you place photos of yourselves nearby- loving happy photos! And if you wish a small vase of fresh flowers would be beautiful. Make this area as romantic as you can so that you are inspired- every time you gaze at it. 

Make sure you always clean and cleanse it regularly- and light a tea light and incense nearby to invite the universe to assist you. This Feng Shui enhancer must remind you that energy and effort need to be put into a relationship if you want it to succeed.