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Crystal Spirits

Money Magnet Mindset: Tools to Keep You and Your Money on Track by Marie Carlyle

R 170.00

In Marie-Claire's first book, How to Become a Money Magnet, she showed her readers how to completely reinvent their relationship with money so that they could effortlessly attract more wealth and abundance into their lives. In this new book, she builds on the fantastic results that readers achieved by providing robust tools to ensure that they can maintain these results and that their finances continue to flourish.

The book is divided into three sections; Focus, Action, and Belief – or, as Marie-Claire calls it, the 'FAB' principle! It will teach you how to:

• really clear out any remaining blocks, limiting beliefs or fears surrounding money that are holding you back

• take inspired action to keep the money pouring in from every direction

• truly believe that you deserve your newfound wealth so that the whole process is creative, fun and easy!