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Crystal Spirits

Moon and Sun Pendulum Board

R 190.00

Perfect for those who love using pendulums and a must have for your spiritual tool box. This gives more clarity to your questions as the pendulum will swing either yes, no or maybe! If it shows maybe - then you have to redefine your question - perhaps you are not asking it correctly. Use when you wish to access answers from  your spiritual guide, ancestors or  higher self. 

* Created in perspex which makes it  modern and stylish 

*  Extra feature - the board is slightly raised with non skid plastic feet

  • You can slide mantras or wishes under the board to add extra energy. 
  • Can be left on your altar or table adding beauty to your surroundings.
  • Cleanse with pendulum clearing spray each time before use.
  • Light incense and candles before meditating and connecting  with your pendulum and your higher self.
  • Read our free pendulum download for information.