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Crystal Spirits

Manifesting New Possibilities Set

R 89.00

Fire Agate helps manifest Divine guidance through action, and assists one in taking decisive action in unclear circumstances. It increases passion, emotions, and reconnection to one's deepest desires, and provides the courage to take risks to fulfil those promptings.

Because the Moonstone crystal meaning harnesses the power of the moon, especially the full moon, it is a powerful manifestation tool. 

When using the Moonstone crystal stone as part of your manifestation rituals, program your stone with whatever intention you want to focus on. The energy of your crystal combined with the energy of the moon will amplify your intention, as well as raise your vibration and strengthen your ability to manifest. You can use this stone during any part of the lunar cycle, but it is especially powerful on the full moon and during the days just before and after the full moon.

Set comes with magical bag to keep your stones inside.