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Crystal Spirits

Rainbow Moonstone - Keeper of Feminine Mystery

R 85.00 R 59.00

This stone of mystery will enhance your psychic abilities. IT will help calm erratic reactions to situations and emotional triggers.  Help’s those who suffer from mood swings. Excellent for PMS !  Smoothes emotional instability and improves emotional intelligence. Reminds us that life is a never ending cycle - of releasing and rebirthing. Like the waning and waxing of the moon. Perfect to use when you wish to create a new beginning - the energy of moonstone allows proper understanding of the proper action at the proper time in order to reap the harvest of your creation.

Moonstone meditation

Place this rainbow crystal  on your solar plexus while meditating -so that it’s  healing energies can draw out old emotional wounds and patterns that need to be dissolved. This gem is the stone of the High Priestess and keeper of feminine mysteries.  When you used by females it awakens the kundalini energy.  Works exceptionally well with a Full Moon’s vibration . Make sure you cleanse this stone regularly - and recharge in the moons energy. 

Light a  tea light and the  Jasmine  cone Incense when in meditation to assist you to release emotional habits and patterns.