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Crystal Spirits

Mother-Daughter Wisdom DVD - Dr. Christiane Northurp's

R 49.00

In this DVD Dr. Christiane Northrup educates and delights her fans with an inspiring new presentation, taped in front of a live audience at historic Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Combining personal reflections, clinical experiences, and cutting-edge research findings, Dr. Northrup reveals the powerful dimensions behind the mother/daughter relationship, which, she explains, “has the potential to be the most nourishing, sustaining, intimate relationship of our lives.”

In the course of this journey to self-realization, Dr. Northrup covers a rich range of topics that are designed to bring mothers and daughters to greater consciousness, including: the five facets of feminine power, how to end the mother/daughter “chain of pain,” the power of forgiveness, and how to deal with a difficult mother or daughter.

This DVD is perfect for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of this wonderful, complex, and timeless relationship!