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Crystal Spirits


R 35.00

A New stone to work with - recently discovered in South Africa. This stone is perfect for the stressful times we are going through as it calms and centres you. Will help your vibrational energy to handle stressful situations with equanimity no matter how traumatised you are. It will help you cope !! Make sure you have pieces in your handbag, school bag and on office desks.It opens you up to change and keeps you in the present moment. Wonderful stone to use in meditation as it helps you release anger and a feeling of injustice - assists you to find your soul purpose. 

Homoeopathically Mtrolite is a chrome chalcedony and has traces of chromium which are required for the body for correct assimilation of glucose which regulates metabolism of fats and proteins. As we get older the ability to assimilate chromium diminishes and may need supplementing. One way to do this is to wear Mtrolite in contact with the skin so that a homeopathic resonance dose is transferred. It also helps with backache and pains when placed over the area. Said to detoxify and strengthen the liver and nervous system. May stabilise sugar imbalances.Mtrolite’ is a heart chakra stone that calms the whole auric field. Mtrolite is the perfect stone to bring peace and harmony in to the world