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Crystal Spirits

New Beginnings Crystal Pack

R 190.00 R 139.00

The New Moon is the beginning of the entire lunar cycle. Though the sky is dark at this time, it’s electrified by the power of possibility – the idea that all we can imagine will come into reality, as long as we believe. If you’ve been trying to get the wheels turning on your projects, these are powerful pieces to work with.


These crystals were charged at the New Moon! Does it get any more magical than that? Labradorite is a stone of visioning, awakening, hope, imagination, and unlimited possibility – and when charged under the  Moon its magic is lifted to otherworldly levels.

The witches finger is a thin, splintery-like crystal that resonates with the Root and Heart Chakra.  The Actinolite held within the witches finger  serves as a protective shield, safeguarding you from the negative thoughts of others as well as your own. It removes stagnant and old energy patterns in the psyche, allowing for the flow of new energy and ideas with ease.

The Ammonite swirl is the ultimate Goddess stone - emiting the energy of ancient wisdom and connecting with the never ending spiral of life.

If you’re ready for a new beginning in some area of your life or excited to set new intentions, this crystal kit will help ignite your desire and get things started. It activates the Third Eye chakra– your centre of intuition, insight, and spiritual wisdom.  Can also be used in astral travel, dream work, and divination.

A must have crystal tool kit that you will help you live life courageously and with great flair. Comes with a beautiful bag .