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The Crystal Spirits

Obsidian Generators

R 390.00

The Aztecs constructed flat sheets of Obsidian into scrying mirrors, and ancient peoples created arrowheads and axes with these magical properties. A strongly protective stone, Obsidian shapes a shield against negativity, supplying a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth.  It captivates negative energy from the environment and blocks psychic attack as well as negative spiritual influences.

Obsidian conducts clarity to the mind and clears mind confusion. Giving a deep soul healing, Obsidian goes back to past lives to heal discharging emotions or trauma that carried forward into the present, bringing back the clarity to emotions.

Perfect crystal  for your office desk, or to place in your home as a protective shield together with your selenite  and to hold when you need to gain clarity in a situation

Only 6 in stock !