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Crystal Spirits

Passion And Purpose Meditation Kit

R 240.00

This collection is created to help you to realign to the world around you in a safe and peaceful manner. 

Set time in you daily schedule for meditation. Light the solid red candle for 10 minutes a day ( this candle burns for 3 to 4 hours) - allow the sacred ritual incense to inspire you with its heady fragrance. Focus on the buddha statue  to remind you to be mindful and hold this beautiful Garnet Limestone palm piece for its sacred energy.

Garnet in Limestone Palm Piece.
We are experiencing so much change in our world  - that we need to cultivate peace and stability ! Garnet encourages commitment in love and service to yourself and others.. You will overcome challenges with ease when working with this stones energy. It sparks passion and will help you work with the wisdom of the Spirit realm. Garnet is also a wonderful ally for grounding your dreams and manifesting your desires. The energy of this stone has been used throughout the centuries. 

During meditation with this stone - make sure you light a solid red candle to activate your base chakra and inhale the fragrance of incense to connect you to the element of air.