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Crystal Spirits

PCOS And Your Fertility by Colette Harris

R 220.00

Ever had irregular periods? Find you're always putting on weight? Feel tired and emotional and up one minute, down the next? Or do you struggle with adult acne or face and body hair where you don't want it? You could have PCOS, a hormonal health condition that affects 1 in 10 women -Victoria Beckham, Jules Oliver, Emma Thompson and Kym Marsh are high-profile sufferers. PCOS is one of the most common causes of fertility problems. So if you do have it, chances are you have questions about fertility buzzing around your head: Am I fertile? What can I do to boost my chances of pregnancy?Whether you're trying for a baby, wondering about your chances of having a child in the future or wondering what on earth to do next, this book can help. Written by two women with PCOS at different stages of their fertility journeys, it will help you answer those unique PCOS questions and take action to boost your chances of fertility with simple self-help strategies.