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Crystal Spirits

Pink Flake Moonstone Seed of Life Crystal Grid

R 395.00

The seed of life is one of the most useful sacred geometry shapes associated with crystal grids . It consists of seven entwining circles that come together to form a flower like effect. This shape is associated with the days of creation. Its energy is used for manifesting - abundance, dreams, personal goals and spiritual well being. It brings balance, harmony and protection to any space it is placed in.

Always set your grid up on the night of a new moon , failing that at least three days afterwards. If you wish to reset your intentions for the following month - then dismantle the grid the night before the following new moon.

Set up your new crystal grid on the night of that or the next new moon - and release your wishes and intentions into the Universe. Meditating nightly next to your crystal grid to activate and give more power to your wishes is always a good idea. Spray and cleanse regularly with the Crystal grid spray. 

The Pink Flake Moonstone Generator 

  • resonates with magic, beauty and love and is placed in the centre of the crystal grid. It's energy stimulates psychic perception and heightens intuition. It provides protection and good fortune. 
  • For those creating a love grid this stone has long been prized for lovers- and encourages passion (add 6 garnets to the grid if you want to heighten passion in your relationships)
  • Felspar inclusions helps one find unconventional and exciting ways to achieve goals by stimulating creativity. It increases your self respect, self esteem and self awareness . Perfect energy for relationships and prosperity grids. 
  • The energy of the pink moonstone connects with the moon, alternative realities and helps one explore new destinations and encounter new people. Attracts new possibilities into ones life.

12 love rose quartz tumbled stones

  • These stones collectively resonate with the energy of a number 3 . This number has a playful vibration that gives power to positive thinking. In astrology it is associated with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, ambition, knowledge and wisdom. By carefully placing these 12 rose quartz on your grid you active the energy of this number.
  • This crystals energy heals and activates the heart chakra. 
  • It draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving , peaceful vibes
  • It enhances positive affirmations. Place a handwritten affirmation/note under your grid. Change at least every week.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and agitation.
  • Opens the heart seed, and higher heart chakras.
  • Stimulates compassion and unconditional love. 
  • if you want more protection in your home or for your relationship  add 4 small obsidian on the  outer circle. This helps with the misuse of power. It can help to repel jealousy .
  • If you want to be master of your own destiny and helps stabilise a volatile relationship when it has passed its sell by date - place 6 onyx on the outer circle of your grid. 
  • Cleanse regularly with the crystal grid spray. 

Feng Shui placement of Pink Moonstone Seed of Life Grid

  • Placing this grid in your bedroom it will help restore balance , insight and self care into your relationship. It draws love to you.
  • Placed in the centre of your home it activates the number 6 and enhances your home with balance and well - being,  reducing tension and anger.
  • Placed in your workspace or office it helps activate creativity, improves work relationships , reduces tension and assists you to tap into your intuition. 

Use this Seed of life grid anytime you wish to see a task through to completion or simply to accomplish a goal of any kind. Beautifully crafted it is a powerful vibrational energy to place in any room or office.