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Crystal Spirits

Power and Luck Gemstone Crystal Mens Bracelet

R 420.00

For a man that lives beyond fear and embraces life with vision and focused attention to achieve what he wants.

Black agate  : this is a mans talisman crystal. It gifts you with courage , self confidence and prosperity. It keeps stress to the minimum so you can focus on what you want to achieve in this lifetime. It is rumoured to attract the opposite sex and in ancient Mesopotamia this crystals energy was said to give you power. It is a warrior stone.

Citrine   - The stone of abundance - it attracts money and boosts your self confidence and self esteem. Fills you with motivation and helps focus your energy on your desired goal. It removes self sabotaging behaviour

Picture jasper : This crystals energy will help you see your dreams and visions more clearly. It assists you to have a picture the future. It release emotional wounds and anger from the past.  It helps your creativity soar. Perfect stone to assist the immune system and balance the minerals in your body. 

Black labradorite : This mystical crystal is a good luck stone . It strengthens your willpower and focus. It said to attract luck, good fortune and success into your life. This good luck stone your should never be without!

10mm crystal gemstone bead