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Crystal Spirits

Protection Grid Against Misfortune and Loss- 2022

R 745.00

Place this carefully crafted Feng Shui Cure in the centre of your home ( especially if it is an open-plan office or home ) to help guard you and your family against misfortune and loss in the year of the Tiger 2022.  

The grid must be placed with the point facing south. Place the Wealth God sitting on the tiger facing south and the other Feng Shui Cures as per the picture. This cure will dampen the 5# star of total loss and misfortune and help attract the future star of prosperity into your home and business .

This Feng Shui cure must remain in the centre of your home throughout 2022 and only be removed in February 2023. 

 Make sure it is properly cleansed and cared for throughout 2022.