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Crystal Spirits

Protection with Archangel Michael

R 185.00 R 165.00

Are you finding life overwhelming at the moment ? Do you feel exhausted and filled with negative energy. This is the perfect kit for you.

Working with the healing Goddess energy that the Ley lines bring to the sacred spots in Zimbabwe we have received this beautiful rich purple Amethyst and placed it in this box charged with the sacred symbol of protection. 

This exclusive oil has been created  to bring you both protection and power. Anoint drops on all your pulse points - especially on your third eye and behind your ears. If you are feeling disorientated - rub it under the soles of your feet.Hold your crystal during meditation - and place it on your third eye when you seek answers. If you find sleeping difficult - place the crystal under your pillow. Always cleanse the crystal by smudging with incense. Keep it safe in its personal box.