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Crystal Spirits

Pure Cleansing Foam

R 199.00

Meet your cleanser of the future! PureLash is a hydrating lash cleanser that dispenses in a luxurious foam to thoroughly cleanse the eyelid and lash line. Removing makeup, oils and other impurities. The anti-bacterial properties in PureLash, derive from natural organic Rosewater which helps prevent product build up and eye infections whilst replenishing eyelids and lashes with moisture. This makes it a perfect product for sensitive eyes. 

100 ml


PureLash is toxin-free and contains only naturally derived ingredients that are locally sourced. This luxurious foaming lash cleansers core ingredient is pure rosewater. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Loaded with Vit A and C, it provides instant hydration while the foam lathers away any make up and debris. Proudly made in South Africa and improving our environment and social impact one lash cleanse at a time. Can be used on the whole face as a soothing, refreshing foaming face wash.

Supporting Fair trade. Contains Ecocert ingredients. Vegan product.