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Crystal Spirits

Push The Launch Button! DVD by Esther Hicks

R 240.00 R 99.00

This is it! The Grid. The Vortex. The crowd. The energy. The wisdom. The fun!
Seven hours of Leading Edge, cutting-edge Infinite Intelligence.

"We're going to go to a whole new place in this understanding."

Topics Include: Go General or Go Specific? • Surgeon Works in an Upside-Down System • Relationships • Do Inanimate Objects Have Consciousness? • He Wants to Feel Joy Again After Losing Nine-Year-Old Daughter • Seeing Abraham's Aura • Author Wonders Where Her Words Come From • To Those Who Have Found Relief in Alcohol or Drugs • Acceleration of the Grid • Having a Positive Impact • Exercise? Meditation? Diet? Creating Your Ideal Body • Effects of Childhood Trauma . . . and many more.

"It's the best of times and the worst of times, because it's the most of times!"

PLUS: a wild closing ride where Abraham moves through a stream of hot-seaters in seconds!