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Crystal Spirits

Quartz Hearts

R 120.00

Clear quartz is a stone of magnification and intensification. Energy workers often use this stone for the sealing of spells and intentions, and healers use it for its ability to pull all of the energetic centers into balance. Working with these clear quartz hearts will stimulate all of your chakras from Root to Crown, opening up a powerful channel that starts deep within the Earth and extends through you, reaching all the way up to the Higher Realms. This stone will uplift and fortify your spirit, and will fill you with a wonderful sense of peace and Divine trust.

The heart shape of this offering makes the magic of clear quartz all the more potent. These clear quartz hearts emit powerful medicine for healing and amplifying in matters of love. Working with one of these precious gems will alleviate past heartaches, attract powerful soul connections, and deepen any already existing relationships. These hearts fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, making them wonderful tools for meditation. Meditate with one of these extraordinary pieces, and allow it to serve as your guide as you call in all of the love and Divine magic this Universe has to offer.